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Good night all my children.
Now, you must lay down your heads.
You wouldn’t want the sun to catch you
Missing from your bed.
I wish that we could stay here
I wish with all my heart
But to the earth we’ve been committed
And now we must depart.
Good night.



i like swagtre but can we not focus on how its “canon” and focus on how that makes the ship more legitimate? because canon is kind of an ugly word to me because the amount its being spoken of makes it seem like their interaction wasnt good until it became romantic? i mean i know people arent saying that or trying to imply that

but people care a lot about the romantic implications when honestly what i find the most interesting dynamic of their relationship, romantically or not, is that they are good friends and in the midst of a literal zombie apocalypse they are finding comfort in each other in a non-romantic sense, as good friends who have become closer through circumstance and that doesn’t always happen

it’s rare and sensitive and raw and its kind of making me go B( at how… so many people are focused largely on the sexual or romantic nature of it when the depth of it and how its layered and not just a two-dimensional “we kis” relationship, there are a lot of roles in their life that are having to be taken care of and switched around and adapting to the situation they are in… its fascinating and clever and theyre very real people and idk all ive seen with people saying “its canon!” is kind of focusing on one aspect that is very minor and not important in why the character interaction works

because i dont think swag and entre are going to go out and have dates and other romantic stuff like that, i really just… cant see it happening, a lot of romantic things dont work for them and its more like friends with romantic undertones to me? but its much more than that and

idk i have a lot of swagtre feelings

so yeah this hsjg

omg omg omgggg

i got your butt a juicy drink

entre blissfully sings drunken lament by ludo


good question


Back the fu-frick up.The party’s’rrived, mamafrickers. 


Back the fu-frick up.
The party’s’rrived, mamafrickers.